Wallpaper Toronto

John Bell Painting is the leading company in providing a wide range of home and commercial decoration services, such as installing wallpaper in Toronto. We’ve got a team of highly skilled and dedicated painters who ensure you get a new elegant, and fresh look for your home or business.

What exactly is wallpaper?

What comes in your mind when talking about a wallpaper? Do you always imagine a screensaver or the wallpapers on your computer or other devices? In case you didn't know, wallpaper is a material used to decorate the interior or exterior walls of residential or commercial buildings. It's usually in long rolls, which are hung vertically onto the wall using a wallpaper paste. Wallpapers come in different types which include:

  • Traditional wallpaper
  • Lining paper
  • Vinyl wallpaper
  • Liquid wallpaper
  • Embossed wallpaper
  • Fiberglass wallpaper
  • Non-woven wallpaper
  • Textile wallpaper
  • Bamboo wallpaper

Just like painting, wallpaper requires proper surface preparation before installation.

Additionally, besides house walls and ceiling, you can use wallpapers as decorative covering for shelves, books, window shades, bandboxes, and hatboxes. Also, the wallpaper doesn't stick permanently; you can remove it any time you want by applying removal options which include:

  • Brushing the paper with water
  • Use chemical wallpaper stripper
  • Use a wallpaper steamer, which consists of a water reservoir, an electric heater, and a hose to direct steam at the wallpaper.

Benefits of wallpaper

So, you're wondering whether to install wallpapers in your house or not, but the fact is that wallpaper is beneficial in many different ways. Wallpapers are available in various striking designs and colors, which always enhance the appearance of your house. Apart from their visual appeal, there are other benefits such as:

  • Wallpapers last longer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Extension of your personality
  • Adheres to frequent remodeling projects
  • You can use them in any shape
  • Easy installation and removal

Home or office decorating is so exciting, more importantly, when you decide to use wallpapers. Once a professional hangs wallpaper on your walls, the wallpaper paste will take a few minutes to dry, and it does fade as paint do. If you're wondering where to get a professional to help you install wallpaper in Toronto. We're the experts fit to do it correctly for you.

Wallpaper installation

Wallpaper hanging has been our popular service throughout the three decades of decoration services in Toronto. The demand for wallpaper increases day by day, and we continue providing top-notch, installing services with the most beautiful wallpaper options.

Our team of specialists has experience in hanging all types of wall coverings. We offer affordable services with free estimates.

Let your house sparkle with an exquisite wallpaper

We're the leading company in hanging the most beautiful wallpaper in Toronto, and we're ready to make your house shine with a luxurious look. We have helped thousands of homeowners in beautifying their homes, and now it's your turn.

Are you enticed in adding a modern and elegant wallpaper to an area of your residential or business property? Contact John Bell Painting today to discuss the task.