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Are you in need of interior house painters in Toronto? At John Bell Painting, we specialize in interior & exterior painting, residential & commercial painting, and water damage repair. 

Cost of painting a house in Toronto

On average, painting a 1500 square foot home can cost you $2000 - $5000. Factors like cost of labor, quality of paint, type of raw materials, etc., determine the actual price of your painting project. The price of painting the exterior of your house can go anywhere between $1000 and $3000. If you find these prices overwhelming, you can always paint one part of your home at a time and take it from there. 

The labor cost for painting a square foot in Toronto ranges between $3 and $6. A painting job for a 10*12 room can cost approximately $400-$800, excluding the cost of the paint. The price you pay for buying paint takes up to 15% of your total painting budget. Flat finish paints can cost as less as $15 per gallon, while the top quality paints with luxurious finish can cost up to $200 per gallon. We are one of the few interior house painters in Toronto to offer budget painting solutions.

Tips for choosing the right painter

If you are wondering about where to begin on your home painting project, start by hiring a skilled painter may. Most people today opt for DIY painting projects. However, this could cost you so much more than what a professional would charge you. Search online for reputed and reliable painters in your area and arrange for a brief meeting with each of the contractors to discuss the job, your expectations, budget constraints, and the time frame for the job.

Once you have shortlisted the painters you like, ask them for paint and color recommendations. Also, make sure to ask if they take care of preparing your home for the job and offer cleaning services after completion. Besides, choose a painter who discloses the possibilities of unforeseen or hidden costs, even before beginning the project. 

Lastly, choose to work with a painter that has all the valid credentials, proper permits, and insurance documents. You want to work with a WSIB insured painter to protect your interests in case you are not happy with the results of the painting job.

Should you paint cabinets and walls the same color?

If your kitchen looks old and drab, painting your kitchen cabinets can spruce up the place with a refreshing vibe. Painting kitchen cabinets in shades like bold hue, a luxurious black, pale blue, or platinum gray can make the place look eloquent and high-style. 

Also, we recommend our clients to paint the cabinets in colors contrasting the color of their kitchen floor and walls, for a cohesive look. When you hire John Bell Painting, we offer two years guarantee for our painting job. We are one of the highly skilled and reliable interior house painters in Toronto. Our team is on par with the constantly evolving home painting trends that we can rejuvenate your living spaces with our painting job.